Other projects


Alongside being a musical composer and creator, Alejandro Vivas is also involved in other activities that support music as a fundamental element...

Branded events y marketing

...collaborating with communication companies, marketing and advertising agencies and businesses developing communication and corporative actions that place music as a communicative tool.  He has designed and produced marketing events and actions for companies such as SIA, Caser and Toys R Us, a multinational for which he created, produced and orchestrated THE CONCERT OF TOYS in 2011 (through the agency China), an innovative, multi award-winning international format in the most important competitions specialising in advertising, marketing and communication. 

Education projects

...developing awareness programmes, music training and teaching in different areas, most notably the University of St Louis and the annual Symphony Orchestra Conference, that has coordinated and co-directed since 1996 and whose objective is that children and young people under 18 years of age learn to live music as a collective experience, integrating the concept of individual work within the concept of group performance, learning to play in an orchestra and receiving training in instrument development and technique, orchestral scores, sonorous planes, composition techniques and harmonies. 


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Artistic and Musical Direction

...working for different orchestras as an executive producer, artistic director, composer and arranger in developing their projects. Since 2004, he has been artistic and musical director for the Concert Group Talia, a highly regarded Spanish orchestra directed by Silvia Sanz Torre since 1996 and made up of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra of Madrid, the Talia Choir, the Madrid Youth Orchestra, the Children’s Orchestra Jonsui and other smaller projects.

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Creation and Publications

...creating teaching concepts such as the Jonsuis or the world of Keke that appears in musical tales such as the publications Kekeñas Krónikas (December 2004), Un Minimal en Keke (December 2005) and Ixionis Magicus Circulus (December 2006). Alejandro Vivas is an author of stories as well as songs (lyrics and music).